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Queen Marie Cup tournament was established in 2015, at the Ovidius Golf Club members proposal. The initiative arose from the need to create an event to promote the game of golf and also from the need to preserve the Romanian traditions and values.

Driven by this desire, we consider that the Queen Marie Cup event can provide joy and happiness, pleasant moments and friendly conversation for everyone passionate about golf.

Debuting in the surroundings of Balchik, always bearing in soul love and respect for the one that was Queen Marie of Romania, naturally, the tournament got the actual name  – „Queen Marie Cup”.

We are trying to play our part in the relatively short history of golf in Romania by making our own contribution to the promotion and development of this sport.

Queen Marie Cup aspires to become a tradition, an outstanding event offering players the chance to perfect their game and to develop and compete at an increasingly high level.

The Queen Marie Cup tournament was possible due to the involvement of business people as partners, thus offering support not only for promoting this sport, but also for a fullfiment of an ideal enviroment for friendly conversations and networking.transparent10